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1. From: Edi Stephen

Hello recipients of this mail, I greet u and wish u a joyous Xmas and prosperous New year 2004. I am a Cross Riverian who happened to be seeking admission into FUTO and in the process came about the website: http://

It is really nice to see a community like Ihiagwa have at least for the moment a comprehensive website on all that matters to them. I just mailed to say well done on that and also to say I am impressed. I pray God almighty to continue to bless us all. I also use this medium to appeal to you to pray hard for my admission into the best school I can think of located in your community Ihiagwa in the 2003/2004 academic year so that I can have a feel of the Ihiagwa experience. I also wish to salute Ms. Ijeoma Ojiji the photographer for her wonderful photos. Keep it up. Once more up you guys! Up Ihiagwa!! Up Nigeria!!! God bless

Edi Stephen

2. From: Chukwudi Oparah

Hi, I am Chukwudi, a student of FUTO in Maths/Computer 500 level. I saw your display of thoughtfulness and creativity on the internet and decided to congratulate you. Keep the good work up!

Best Regards!

Chukwudi Oparah

3. From: AMANZE IHEANACHO  sent : to 29.4.2004

I wish to correct a grievious negligence of not mentioning that the Eze Aro stool use to alternate between Iriamogu and Ibuzo. This singular negligence, has to a great extent, subjected Ibuzo village to that of dependent statues. I wish to spur you the more to take time to make enquiry, about the position, that village holds in the tradition of the Ihiagwa people, taking cognizance of the meaning of its name (IBUZO) and importantly too, why all the important traditional activities of the town in respect to Oha and ije Otamiri is done in that small but traditionally mighty village.
Lastly, let me congratulate you for a work well done, putting this on the web, it is worth commending, it has given every body an opportunity to contribute through reasonable argument for the storage of an authentic history of Ihiagwa people.

Amanze Iheanacho


Happy new year to all Ihiagwans both at home and abroad. Let our only focus be LORD JESUS CHRIST, its only Him that can bring Peace, Joy, Unity of purpose, Progress  and Life. No town has ever enjoyed Peace without Christ, may God Bless IHIAGWA.

Yours in HIS service,

It is awesome that you have been touched with such sense of creativity. I am thrilled for joy  that you had spent time to explore your interest in bringing Ihiagwa to the Web. Never before we would think someone could come up with this fascinating thought. I give you credit without reservation in this adventure.
With kind regards,
Charles Ikechi Okere

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The Ihiagwa autonomous community

The town Ihiagwa Autonomous community is organized into eight villages namely; Iriamogu village, Ibuzo village, Nnkaramochie village, Umuezeawula village, Aku/Umuokwo village, Mboke village, Umuelem village and Umuchima village. Ihiagwa is also home to the Federal University of Technology Ihiagwa, Owerri.


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