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 Congratulates Nnaochie and Ihiagwa Central Executive Council on the celebration of Ihiagwa Day on the 26th December, 2010

Brief Overview of the Association

Mezie Ihiagwa USA, Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization formed to act as an umbrella organization for the sons and daughters of Ihiagwa residing in the continentalUnited States of America. The compelling reasons for the founding of the organization were the need to have a forum where our people will meet regularly to socialize and share the virtues of their common ancestry. As enshrined in Mezie Ihiagwa USA Constitution, the founding members believed that the platform of the Association will afford Ihiagwans residing inUSAthe privilege to foster harmony and understanding, promote socioeconomic welfare of the town ofIhiagwa, and improve the quality of lives of their people.

 Having attended the annual General Meeting of Nekede Development Association,USAin 2001, Prince Charlie Muruako initiated the push for formation of our great Association. In doing so, he enlisted the support of and the understanding of Chief (Dr.) Emmanuel Opara, Mr. Darlington Njemanze, Mr. Moses Igwe Onu, and Prof Augustine Anokwuru. He recruited Prince James Muruako, Mr. Uzoma Ihenacho, and Mr. Charles Okey Opara to do some telephone outreach to as many Ihiagwans as possible.

 The seed for formation of Mezie Ihiagwa was sowed in 2003 during the 3rd World Owerri People?s Congress held at Four Point Sheraton Hotel, Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA in Charlie Muruako?s hotel room. Chief Charles Opara visiting fromNigeriawas present at the convention and the few of the Ihiagwa persons in attendance took advantage of his presence to hold the first quasi meeting in Charlie Muruako?s hotel room. Chief Charles Opara presided over the 刬mpromptu first meeting of Nde Ihiagwa inUSA. At that meeting, it was agreed that there was a need to form an umbrella organization of Ihiagwans inUSA. Chief (Dr.) Emmanuel Opara offered to host the first Convention of Nde Ihiagwa.

The inaugural meeting of the organization was held inHouston,Texasand hosted by Dr. & Mrs. Emma Opara and Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Anokam. In addition to the hosts, others in attendance were Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Muruako, Mr. & Mrs. Moses Igwe-Onu, Mr. & Mrs. Tony Anokam, Dr. & Mrs. Kennedy Okere, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Njemanze, Mr. J. J. Muruako, Mr. Austin Anokwuru, and Mrs. Linda Mbakem.

 After several names were suggested and considered Mezie Ihiagwa was finally chosen because it was closest to the goal and aspirations of the organization.


The 1st Convention (2004): The hosts were Chief (Dr.) & Lolo Emmanuel Opara and Chief & Mrs. Kenneth Anokam inHouston,Texas.

Outcome: The major outcomes of the Convention were: (a) Formation of the Association; (b) Resolution of Annual Convention held in cities within the USA; and Election of the founding Officers of the Organization in the persons of: President  Moses Igwe-Onu; General Secretary – Lolo Leslie Okere; Financial Secretary / Treasurer  Mrs. Barbara Njemanze; and Publicity/PRO – Prince James Muruako.

 The 2nd Convention (2005): Hosted by Mr. Anthony & Mrs. Adline Uju Anokam atDurham, NorthCarolina.

Outcome: Resolution to minimally support the hosting person(s) with organization approved finance.

The 3rd Convention (2006) Election Year: Hosted by Mr. & Mrs MacPhillips Kamalu atBoston,Massachusetts. Moses Igwe-Onu returned unopposed as the President.

 The 4th Convention (2007): Hosted by Dr. David Aharanwa & Mr Evans Anokam atNew York, NewYork.

 The 5th Convention (2008): Hosted by Mrs. Ngozi Oduba (Nee Anokam) atAtlanta,Georgia.

Outcome: Election of new officers: President  Anthony Anokam; General Secretary  Mathew Ekechi; Financial Secretary  Mrs. Lynda Mbakwem; Treasurer  Mr. Chukwudi Udokporo, Publicity Secretary/PRO  Mrs. Leslie Okere.

 The 6th Convention (2009): Hosted by Mr. Mathew & Mrs. Regina Ekechi atTampa,Florida.

Outcome: (a) Resolution for an annual Convention that is completely financed by the Organization. (b) Agreement to incorporate the organization.

 The 7th Convention (2010): Hosted by Mr. Uzoma & Chioma Ihenacho atDallas,Texas.

Outcome: Election of new officers: President  Chief Charles Okere; General Secretary  Godwin Onuoha; Financial Secretary  Mrs. Lynda Mbakwem; Treasurer  Mathew Ekechi; and Publicity/PRO – Solace Okpe. However, the elected treasurer resigned shortly and Mrs. Uju Anokam was appointed in his place pending election in a subsequent convention.

This is our history so far. Ihiagwa is our town and we are committed and will continue to advance the progress of the Community; the continued progress and unity of her sons and daughters in theUSAand all over the world is not in doubt.

 Chief Charles Ikechi Okere                                                    Engr. Godwin Onuoha

President, Mezie IhiagwaUSA                                               General Secretary


May I use this opportunity to thank each and everyone for your continued support for both Ihiagwa home and in diaspora. I particularly thank   members of Ihiagwa Central Executive Council under the leadership of Engr. Emeka Udokporo for their hard work, dedication and personal sacrifices for making this year’s event a success. As always, I appreciate all of you, my people, and I urge you to rededicate yourselves to the task of making Ihiagwa as strong as ever.

One of the cornerstones of my administration as President of Mezie Ihiagwa in the United States of America is to sponsor completely the renovation of Ihiagwa Secondary School. To this end, we have made tremendous progress. Those who were at the last Mezie Ihiagwa USA convention in Dallas witnessed a presentation of our administrations vision and road map for making the proposed Ihiagwa Secondary School renovation a reality. Thanks to Dr. Patient Onuoha who took a brave step by dropping a huge donation. We are committed fully to this project and more.

In lieu of this, my administration has subsequently formed various committees to increase member’s commitment to Ihiagwa. Effective communication has been introduced within ihiagwa vicinity for our vigilantes by way of walkie-talkies recently donated by my humble self.

There is strong support among Mezie-Ihiagwa in diaspora for modernizing and straightening the Ihiagwa’s pre-eminent educational standard and security. Ihiagwa sons and daughters should also adapt it to take on new challenges, such as village defense and local peacekeeping. Taking this approach in the economic sphere, our leaders (no exception) should build upon the broad public support for Ihiagwa leadership worldwide in promoting international prosperity. It is necessary that we pursue expanded open communication in conjunction with dynamic policies, such as development assistance, that seek to close the yawningImoStategap between the rich and poor. Each village leader starting from Iriamogu, Ishiuzo, Nkaramoche, Umuezeawula, Umuokwo, Mboke, Umuelem to Umuchima should use his or her influence to prevent and resolve conflicts. According to history and in most cases, only Ihiagwa has the standing and influence to effectively facilitate peace talks.

 We shall continue to work hard to find creative ways of expanding Ihiagwa revenue base. Thank you and May God bless Ihiagwa.

Chief Charles Ikechi Okere

President Mezie-Ihiagwa U.S.A


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The Ihiagwa autonomous community

The town Ihiagwa Autonomous community is organized into eight villages namely; Iriamogu village, Ibuzo village, Nnkaramochie village, Umuezeawula village, Aku/Umuokwo village, Mboke village, Umuelem village and Umuchima village. Ihiagwa is also home to the Federal University of Technology Ihiagwa, Owerri.


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