Ihiagwa & Nekede


Uzi na Aboshi

This name suggests brotherhood and equality of Ihiagwa and Nekede towns. Also the towns have similar customs. For instance, the domestication of bitches is forbidden by the two towns while this is practiced by their neighbours. This practice was because Ezereokam, the eldest son of Ede, was bitten to death by a bitch. Ede, therefore, decried that no bitch should ever find shelter in their town Nekede. Ihiagwa, being the brother to Nekede, decided also not to keep anything that will be dangerous to their own brother. Nekede must have returned this brotherly love when they fought side by side with Ihiagwa against Obibi during the war of grains (Ogu Mpkuru oka).

Ihiagwa is made up of eight villages. Of the eight, Iriamogu is the eldest and produces the leader of the Oha (Ezeario). But the name Oche, as prefix or suffix, depicts ancestry. Thus, names like Nkaramoche, Umuadamoche, etc, depicts old age. Nkaramoche is said to be the first settlement in Ihiagwa. In umuelem, Umuadamoche is said to be the eldest. Mboke is called ‘Ebechu’ for stemming the menacing advance of invaders from Ara. Little is known about the early stage of life of these villages.

The relationship between Ihiagwa and Nekede, and Ihiagwa and Aros, should be carefully looked into. When much is known about these issues, the prominence of Ihiagwa amongst her neighbours will become eloquent and incontestable.

( The above is an excerpt from an article written by G. A. AMADI FROM THE OHA IHIAGWA CULTURAL MAGAZINE MAIDEN ISSUE Published in 1982 by the Ihiagwa Student Association at University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN))

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The Ihiagwa autonomous community

The town Ihiagwa Autonomous community is organized into eight villages namely; Iriamogu village, Ibuzo village, Nnkaramochie village, Umuezeawula village, Aku/Umuokwo village, Mboke village, Umuelem village and Umuchima village. Ihiagwa is also home to the Federal University of Technology Ihiagwa, Owerri.


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